Publications (Inup Phase 1 and 2)

Total no. 323
1 B. N. Joshi, Y. S. Mhaisagar and A.M. Mahajan, "Surface modification of porous SiO2 thin film by chemical treatment," Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials-Rapid communications, vol. 4, No. 9, pp. 1304-1306, 2010
2A Kundu, S Sethi, N C Mondal, B Gupta, S K Lahiriand H Saha, "Analysis and optimization of two movable plates RF MEMS switch for simultaneous improvement in actuation voltage and switching time," Microelectronics J., vol 4(5), pp. 257-265, May, 2010, ISSN:0026-2692
3A Kundu, S. Sethi, N C Mondal, B Gupta, S K Lahiri and H Saha, "Performance Improvement of RF MEMS Switch with Two Movable Plates," Int. J. of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, vol. 2 (1-2) pp. 44-49, 2010
4A. Kshirsagar, P. Apte, S. P. Duttagupta and S. A. Gangal, "Optimization of contact force, contact area and pull-in voltage for series based MEMS switch," J. of Sensors and Transducers, vol.115 (4), pp. 43-47, Apr., 2010
5P. Samanta, C. Zhu, and M. Chan, "Electrical stress-induced charge carrier generation/trapping and related degradation of SiO2 and HfO2/SiO2 gate dielectric stacks," Microelectronics Reliability, vol. 50, pp. 1907, 2010
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