Types of Training

INUP-i2i organizes various training programs across all the six Centre for Excellence in Nanoelectronics for all potential users across the country in the area of nanofabrication/ characterization/ simulation techniques. Researchers comprising of faculty, students (M.Tech./ Ph.D.), scientists and engineers from academic and research institutions are trained at three different levels.

Level 1 - Familiarization workshops provide different aspects of Nanoelectronics and provide exposure to the research infrastructure available at the Nano Centers. This workshop is being organized both for familiarization and for interaction of the participants with faculty members and research students of the host Institute. The Familiarization workshop would be conducted either in virtual mode or on-site workshops. The lecture series would be available on NPTEL as well as any IT-enabled platform. Apart from modules, there would be a series of lectures and application notes on equipment available at the Nano Centers. These would provide in-depth information about the equipment and their capabilities.

Level 2 – Hands-on training workshops will be conducted at the Nano Centers for selected researchers. We envision providing the researchers upto 10 days of training on equipment and the processes that are likely to be used for their project execution.

Hands on training workshop would be organized on the following different themes:

Level 3 – INUP-i2i invites project proposals from academic researchers throughout the year. The selected projects from researchers trained at Levels 1 and 2, would be executed at the Nanocenters in Level 3. Professional experts at the Nanocenters employed under this project (in addition to faculty) will provide the required support and guidance.

In the INUP-i2i, two classes of Level-3 projects will be supported. The first is 'Research and Innovation Projects', and the second is 'Startup Support'. Traditionally, the 'Research Projects' supported by INUP were aimed at academic researchers for executing thesis and research. In INUP-i2i, this project shall also support a substantial number of 'Innovation Projects' with start-up potential. The selection criteria for "Research Projects" will continue to be scientific novelty and rigor. Selection criteria for 'Innovation Projects' will be translation potential and societal/industrial/strategic relevance. INUP-i2i will connect the Innovation Project investigators to external facilities for possible translation, namely SCL, SITAR, CEERI, CDAC and CMET.

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