Total no.31
1Ravishankar Ramesh Ambi, Amol Adhikrao Mane, Sandip Ravasaheb Sabale, Ravindra Damodar Mane, Applicaiton number 202421038349, VERTICALLY ALIGNED ZNO NANOROD FILMS FOR HIGHLY SENSITIVE AND SELECTIVE NO2 DETECTION, Publication Date (U/S 11A) 26.Jun.2024
2Richard Pinto, Smart Shockwave Velocity Measurement System Based on P(VDF-TRFE)Piezosensors and Arduino, Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology (Alva’s Education Foundation), Mijar, Moodbidri, Application No. : 201941024087, Patent No. : 516419, Granted on: 28/02/2024 (dd-mm-yyyy), Awarded.
Released on 02-02-2022 Version 5.0

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