Guidelines for submitting Research Proposal

Task and Guidelines

The goal of the Research proposal is to present and justify a given research idea, and to present the practical ways in which you think this research should be conducted.

 Abstract of the project

This question should be answered by providing a high-level overview of the concept. The technical abstract should be a condensed version of the project, usually no more than 150 words. State concisely the significance of the project, what is expected to be accomplished and how, and the period of performance of the project.


The introduction (statement of need) emphasizes the importance of the project. Describe the need of the proposed research and include an explanation to how the proposed research will contribute to fulfil the objective of the project. Highlight points such as specific results / improvements expected etc.


The problem should be stated as specifically as possible. The importance and rationale of the proposed research should be well specified. It is important that the objectives, both general and specific, are well conceived based on related research.

 Originality of idea

Clearly articulate the unique attributes of the concept that will lead to a competitive advantage over the existing approaches. Begin by identifying the alternative approaches/solutions and then describe what is unique about the suggested concept.

Any form of plagiarism is not acceptable in the project proposals submitted under INUP. For definition and more details about plagiarism, please refer to the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual (from Section 9.2.1.B.7). The degrees of plagiarism will also be assessed as per the IEEE guidelines. If plagiarism is found in any submitted proposal, the investigators of the submitted proposal will be banned from submitting proposals for a period of six months.

 Work plan

A detailed project plan should be completed that includes goals, activities and timing, milestones and Deliverables.

 Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae should be submitted with every proposal to indicate the background, areas of interest, research capabilities, and publications of the principal investigator.


Proposals should include a list of references to pertinent literature in the field. The list should be as current as possible at the time the proposal is prepared, and should cite the most recent advances in the field.

Submission Procedure

 Register using the registration form online

 After approval login into the system

 Select the submit a proposal from the user control panel.

 It will open to the proposal submission module.

 Download the proposal submission form. If you have already downloaded the form, please click Next.

 Upload the same(Please note that the file format should be PDF)

 Fill the form after a successful upload and click submit.

 An email will be sent to you confirming the submission of the proposal.

Review Procedure

A research proposal must answer all questions in the recommended Application Form template and must not exceed 10 pages for Medium term proposal and 4 pages for Short term proposal.

All proposals will be evaluated under the following criteria:-


Proposal adheres to requested page limits and format

 Research objective

Summary of the problem is provided, objective is stated; scope and motivation are clear, valid, and logical.

 Technical feasibility

The goals set out can be achieved with existing available facilities at CEN IITB and that suitable indicators will be used to confirm the feasibility of the concept.

 Degree of technological novelty

The proposal is clearly innovative and its successful completion is likely to produce a significant progress beyond the state of the art.

 Project plan

The design schedule and milestones of the proposed project are realistic. The applicants should clearly outline the relevance of the work to the aims of the project.

 The proposal will be sent to the review committee

 The Principal Investigator (PI) will be requested to give a presentation online using "Webex".

 The PI will receive an invitation email to join the meeting with scheduled date and time.

 Before the meeting, ensure that your computer meets the system requirement. For details "Click Here".

 The meeting will be attended by the reviewers and the proposal will be discussed.

 The review report will be sent by email.

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