Publications (Inup Phase 1 and 2)

Total no. 323
1P. Samanta, C. L. Cheng, and Y. J. Lee, "Charge trapping related degradation of thin HfAlO/SiO2 gate dielectric stack during constant voltage stress," J. Electrochem. Soc., vol. 156, pp. H661, 2009
2P. Samanta, C. L. Cheng, Y. J. Lee and M. Chan, "Mechanism of positive charge generation in the bulk of HfAlO/SiO2 stack," Microelectronic Engg. vol. 86, pp. 1767, 2009
3P. Samanta, C. L. Cheng, Y. J. Lee and M. Chan, "Electrical stress-induced charge carrier generation / trapping and related degradation of HfAlO/SiO2 and HfO2/SiO2 gate dielectric stacks," J. Applied Physics, vol. 105, pp. 124507, 2009
4S. Thomas, S H Al-Harthi, I A Al-Omari, R V Ramanujan, V Swaminathan and M R Anantharaman, "Influence of substrate topography on the growth and magnetic properties of obliquely deposited amorphous nanocolumns of Fe-Ni," J. Physics D. Applied Physics, vol. 42, pp. 215005, 2009
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