Publications (Inup Phase 1 and 2)

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1Basavaraj S. Sannakashappanavar, C. R. Byrareddy, Nandini A. Pattanashetti, Sanjit Varma and Aniruddh Bahadur Yadav ,"Deposition of ZnO thin film at different substrate temperature using RF sputtering for growth of ZnO Nanorods using hydrothermal method for UV Detection", Control Instrumentation System Conference Proceeding of CISCON 2018, Springer Nature, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 581, pp 91-98(2020).
2Viral N Barhate, Sumit Patil, Khushabu S. Agrawal, Vilas S. Patil,and Ashok M. Mahajan, "MOS capacitor on Ge substrates with LaON passivation layer and La2O3/ZrO2 high-k bilayer" National Conference on Nanostructured and amorphous materials: Synthesis, characterization and applications (NAM-RAMAN 2020) during 28th - 29th Feb 2020
3Viral N Barhate, Khushabu S. Agrawal, Vilas S. Patil, and Ashok M. Mahajan "Improvement in Electrical Properties of Al/La2O3/ZrO2/ gate stack deposited on LaON Passivated GaAs Substrate" 4th IEEE Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (EDTM 2020) during 6th - 21th April 2020.
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