Familiarization Workshop

Sr.No Event Date Location
1. Familiarization Workshop on Nanofabrication Technologies (virtual mode) Workshop Flyer | Schedule January 19-21, 2022 Online

Hands-on Training Workshop

Sr.No Event Date Location
1. Hands-on Training Workshop - Fabrication & Characterization of MOS Capacitors Workshop Flyer | Schedule April 4-13, 2022 IITBNF, IITB
2. Hands-on Training Workshop - Fabrication and Characterization of Inter Digitated Electrodes and Microfluidics channel Workshop Flyer | Schedule May 17-26, 2022 IITBNF, IITB


Sr.No Event Date Location
1. Hackathons To be announced

Industrial Training

Sr.No Event Date Location
TCAD - Circuit Simulation Workshop Flyer 1st to 5th August, 2022 IIT Bombay

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