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Indian Nanoelectronics Users' Program – Idea to Innovation (INUP- i2i)
In view of the tremendous success of the INUP program at IISc and IITB for the last two decades, there was intent from MeitY and readiness from the other MeitY initiated nanocenters (IITD, IITG, IITKgp and IITM) to also open up their facilities to academic users from across India. Hence, this Indian Nanoelectronics Users' Programme - Idea to Innovation (INUP-i2i), is initiated to take the 'open national nanocenters' concept to the next stage, while retaining the key aspects of training at different levels introduced in INUP. INUP has predominantly provided easy access to state-of-the-art nano fabrication and characterization facilities to researchers across the country, and has thereby created for the first time a critical mass of hands-on experimental researchers across the country in this area.

It is now time for the broadest leveraging of the facilities and technical expertise at these six MeitY initiated Nanocentres to enable their journey towards translation and incubation.

INUP has started its 3rd phase, “INUP-i2i” (INUP – Idea to innovation) Interested researchers in the field of Nanoelectronics are welcome to submit the project proposals online.
Please contact us for any queries (inupi2i@ee.iitb.ac.in)

“INUP- i2i Hands-on Training Workshop on Fabrication and Characterization of Inter Digitated Electrodes and Microfluidics channel” – May 17- 26, 2022 IIT Bombay. Flyer

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